Limerick, Ireland

What Could / Should Curating Do?

EVA Director Matt Packer is one of the international mentors invited as part of the What Could / Should Curating Do? programme in Belgrade (September – December 2018). Developed by Biljana Ćirić together with Supervizuelna contemporary arts magazine, the What Could / Should Curating Do? programme aims to situate curatorial practice within the specific contextual framework of the region, while also providing insights to the wider international framework related to exhibition-making practices on both a theoretical and practical level. Over the course of the three month-long programme, international cultural producers and mentors will deliver talks and conduct specific workshops related to different aspects of curating, offering participants the opportunity to individually and collectively consider the different institutional aspects that often frame curatorial endeavours.

As part of this programme, EVA Director / CEO Matt Packer will give a talk at the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, on Saturday October 27th at 6pm.

The primary mentors for the course include Dorothea von Hantelmann (Bard College, Berlin); Antariksa (co-founding member of KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Yogyakarta, Indonesia); the Flash Art Magazine editorial team (Flash Art is a bimonthly magazine focused on contemporary art, based in Milan); Elena Filipović (director of Kunsthalle Basel);Tara McDowell (director of curatorial practice at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia); Maria Lind (director of Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm); Matt Packer (director of EVA International); Hou Hanru (artistic director of MAXXI Rome, Italy); and What, How & for Whom (a curatorial collective formed in 1999 and based in Zagreb, Croatia)