Limerick, Ireland

wet HEAT sweats without scent

We are delighted to share details about Phillip McCrilly’s Platform Commission titled wet HEAT sweats without scent, which comprises a website, and a series of scripted one-on-one massage treatments performed by Janie Doherty. The performance is set within a space, somewhere between an undercover massage parlour the British Army set up in North Belfast in the 1970s, and a high camp adaptation of Nicolas Roeg’s Full Body Massage (1995). The treatments will coincide with accompanying refreshments, taking place on Friday 13 October and Saturday 14 October at No.1 Pery Square Hotel & Spa.

Alongside these performances, McCrilly presents a pocket-sized pamphlet designed by Dee Morgan to accompany and contextualise the Platform Commission. This features the text ‘Violent Intimacies, Promiscuous Care, and Metabolic Imaginaries: Phillip McCrilly’s wet HEAT sweats without scent’ by art historian Dr Edwin Coomasaru, and photography by Eslam Abd El Salam.

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wet HEAT sweats without scent

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wet HEAT sweats without scent

Phillip McCrilly is an artist and chef who lives in Belfast (NI). McCrilly has presented work at public arts institutions and galleries including the Centre for Contemporary Art, Derry- Londonderry (NI), Catalyst Arts, Belfast (NI) and the Project Arts Centre, Dublin (IE).

Performed by Janie Doherty. Photograph and video by Eslam Abd El Salam. Art Direction & Design by Dee Morgan.