Limerick, Ireland
The Sailors Home

The Sailors Home

We are extremely grateful for all of the support that we received regarding the recent fire devastation of The Sailors Home – a historical venue that served as a unique setting for a number of exhibitions in recent years.

We would like to commend the Fire Service, Gardai and other first responders to the fire for their collective efforts. We understand the Gardai are investigating the fire as a criminal case and have since charged a suspect.

The Sailors Home was scheduled to be one of the venues for the forthcoming 40th EVA International. We had been using the venue for staff training and preparatory work in the week leading up to the fire.

We regret to report that a number of significant artworks by Orla Barry made between 2012-2022, due to be presented as part of the forthcoming 40th EVA International, were lost and damaged in the fire. EVA equipment and other display materials were also damaged. While we are liaising with Orla and our insurers towards restitution, we are deeply saddened and shaken by the loss of these artworks by one of Ireland’s most important artists with whom we’ve worked closely in recent years.

This is a difficult time for the artist and our small team, but we are continuing our plans for the 40th EVA International across other venues, launching on 31 August.