Limerick, Ireland
Trade School, 2021, (featuring Dylan Kerr and Cameron Lynch). Video Still.

Trade School: Fully Subscribed

Trade School is a video work by Eimear Walshe that is being presented remotely during the Phase 2 programme of the 39th EVA International.

Presented on an engraved USB key, all copies from this first edition of 100, have now been fully pre-ordered at this time and are currently unavailable to subscribe to.

Trade School is a parable of sexual integration. Politician by day, service dog by night, the character of Puppy lives a life of paradox in his Wicklow constituency. Through positive reinforcement, public humiliation, and lessons in Irish history, Puppy comes to learn the price of sexual respectability, and the true nature of his vocation to serve.

Eimear Walshe is an artist, writer, and educator that uses academic study in Queer Theory and Feminist Epistemology in the production of sculpture, publishing, performances, and lectures. Walshe lives and works in Longford. Recent projects and presentations include The Department of Sexual Revolution Studies, Van Abbemuseum / Design Academy Eindhoven (2018); Miraculous Thirst: How to get off in days of deprivation, curated by Daniel Bermingham, Galway Arts Centre (2018); and Separatist Tendencies for The Deviant Programme, Van Abbemuseum (2017).