Limerick, Ireland

Magic Carpets 2018 – 2021

EVA International is among 13 European cultural organisation partnered in a 4 year-long Creative Europe project titled ‘Magic Carpets’, led by Kaunas Biennial.

Magic Carpets is a platform for emerging artists to travel to partner organisations in order to research and implement new projects together with local partners. More than 50 artistic and cultural interventions in different European and neighbouring cities will take place over the 4 year period.

In Year 1 of the Magic Carpets programme, EVA worked with artist Vera Mota to research and develop a number of new works that extended the artist’s ongoing interests in sculpture and the performing body. In Year 2, EVA worked with Bora Baboci (Albania) and Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan (Romania) on production residencies that will lead to their contribution as part of the 39th EVA International programme. In Year 3, the Magic Carpets programme supported EVA’s Dhá Theanga initiative of language tours in response to the themes of the ‘Golden Vein’.

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