Limerick, Ireland
Chloe Woo (Limerick Educate Together)
Nathan O’Connor (Limerick Educate Together)
Maksymilian Hurkowski (St Clement's College)
Jakub Kepinski & Raymond Loh (St Clement's College)
Charley Harper (Limerick Educate Together)
Ali Romeih (St Clement's College)

Opposite End

EVA International are delighted to present the results of the Opposite End workshop, developed in response to Phase 1 of the 39th EVA International.  The workshop was designed and delivered by Brendan Egan (Education Coordinator, Limerick City Gallery of Art) in consultation with Adam Stoneman (Three Muses Programme Coordinator, Hunt Museum).

Over the course of sessions that took place between October and December 2020, the project encouraged 2nd year students from Limerick Educate Together Secondary School and St Clement’s College to explore the use of language in art, building on EVA’s Better Words project initiative.

Participants from each school were paired together to focus on a selection of artworks from the exhibition. First by finding language to describe it, and then by seeking to explore opposing word associations. The students later recorded these descriptions as podcasts and shared them with the other corresponding school. Each group deciphered the description by attempting to convert it to its opposite once more, to try and imagine what the other students were looking at. Using audio recordings as a ‘tin-can telephone’ between schools separated by social restrictions, Opposite End playfully explored the connectivity of language in the way that we describe and interpret works of visual art. For further information about the workshop process please access the online platform Opposite End (via Padlet).

Presented here are visual responses to presentations by the Driant Zeneli and The Women Artists Action Group (WAAG) that featured as part of the 39th EVA International; by Charley Harper, Maksymilian Hurkowski, Jakub Kepinski & Raymond Loh, Nathan O’Connor, Ali Romeih and Chloe Woo.

Limerick Educate Together Secondary School
St Clements College
Hunt Museum

With thanks to Limerick City Gallery of Art and The Hunt Museum; and all the participating students and staff at Limerick Educate Together Secondary School and St Clement’s College.