Limerick, Ireland

Occasional Groundwork

The first initiative of Occasional Groundwork is Groundings – a series of co-commissioned texts by writers, artists, curators, and academics, exploring themes of internationalism, sustainability, audience, and infrastructure within the context of the contemporary art biennial and the shift in conditions imposed by the ongoing pandemic. The published texts by Grégory Castéra, Ben Eastham, Taru Elfving, Amanda Ferrada and Olivia Berkowicz, Valeria Graziano, Marcell Mars and Nick Thurston, Dylan Huw, Dr Omar Kholeif, Rebecca O’Dwyer and Eszter Szakács are available to read below (click to link to PDF that will open in a new window):

Groundings#1: Taru Elfving
Time to take time to get grounded
October 2020

Groundings #2: Grégory Castéra
Composing the near and the far
April 2021

Groundings #3: Dylan Huw
Fire and fire and fire: notes from a burnt-out age
January 2022

Groundings #4: Dr Omar Kholeif
Reflecting on reflections; speculating on speculating, all at once
January 2022

Groundings #5: Rebecca O’ Dwyer
Somewhere and nowhere at all
January 2022

Groundings #6: Eszter Szakács
Create it to make it: but what can an international alliance do?
January 2022

Groundings #7 – Olivia Berkowicz & Amanda Ferrada  
Making new worlds: considering internationalism from sites of local knowledge production 
April 2022

Groundings #8 – Ben Eastham
April 2022

Groundings #9 – Valeria Graziano, Marcell Mars & Nick Thurston
Public co-learning tools: a meta-politics of the simple for postdigital infrastructure
April 2022