Limerick, Ireland

We’re delighted to announce a curatorial commission with RGKSKSRG (Kate Strain & Rachael Gilbourne), and artist-designer Farouk Alao, as part of EVA’s new initiative Never Look BackNever Look Back revisits EVA’s 45+ year history of producing contemporary art exhibitions and events in Limerick, across the roster of temporary sites, spaces, and venues – that were used for the presentation of contemporary art in successive editions.

RGKSKSRG, will work with Farouk Alao to create a two-part work titled, It’s a poor city for art where you can’t start a quarrel. Conceived of as an extended tablecloth, it will become both an archival object in itself and a catalyst for gathering. It will feature a printed assemblage of snapshots pulled from the EVA digital archive. Selected photographs, video stills, texts and sketches will be collaged by Farouk Alao into a mash-up of imagery along the 10-metre length of fabric. It will seat up to 45 people for a supper or a picnic, and act as a prompt for conversation, quarrelling and dreaming.

RGKSKSRG is the paired curatorial practice of Rachael Gilbourne and Kate Strain. Based between Dublin and Aughrim, RGKSKSRG commission, present and contextualise contemporary art. Through linking with sites, communities and institutions, RGKSKSRG works to create new contexts for engaged encounters between artists and audiences. These contexts can involve new commissions, solo and group exhibitions, live events, curatorial residencies, talks, interviews, performances, texts, and artworks.

Farouk Alao solves problems and creates Art. Born in Lagos, raised in Dublin, and made in Limerick and London, Alao is currently based between Dublin and London. An emerging artist, designer, model and brand consultant, he finds inspiration mainly from daily interactions with the world. He creates art to better understand the world around him and hopefully help others understand theirs better too. He utilises 2D and 3D design tools and methodologies as well as photography, focusing on humanity, questioning the things we think we know about ourselves.

Never Look Back is supported through the Arts Council’s Engaging with Architecture Scheme and Limerick City and County Council.

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