“Pajtimi i juaj le të jetë i fortë si kullat tuaja.”

Marjan Dema – Interview extract

“They forgave the unknown assassin, and they used me as a justification, ‘Since Marjan forgave three blood feuds, I have no words to turn you down.’ So, this is something that at the same time made me feel good, but at the same time made me feel awful because they forgave. For them, it was the most difficult case, because for a person every problem of theirs is the biggest one. However, the comparison of forgiving one blood with the heavyweight of forgiving the blood of my three brothers had an impact. At any rate, people were the heroes; I call them heroes because they uttered that word, they performed that action [of forgiveness]. What is fortunate is that from all those reconciliations achieved, no one took revenge afterward.”

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