Limerick, Ireland
Sebastian Cichocki photo: Rafał Milach, 2022. At the request of the photographer the fee associated with this image has been transferred to the Emergency Support Initiative launched by Kyiv Biennial for the members of the artistic and cultural community in Ukraine finding themselves in need

June / July Newsletter 2022

Welcome to the EVA International Newsletter for June / July highlighting the most recent news and upcoming events in the EVA calendar.

#1 Sebastian Cichocki appointed as Guest Programme Curator of the 40th EVA International:

  • We’re delighted to announce Sebastian Cichocki as Curator of the 40th EVA International, taking place across sites and spaces in Limerick from 31 August – 29 October 2023. Cichocki’s Guest Programme will be presented alongside EVA’s Platform Commissions and Partnership Project initiatives that will together comprise the 40th EVA International programme.  For further information please click here.


#2 Dates announced for the 40th EVA International programme:

  • The 40th EVA International will take place across various sites and spaces in Limerick, from 31 August – 29 October 2023. Responding to the theme of Citizenship, the 40th edition will feature a ‘Guest Programme’ curated by Sebastian Cichocki, presented alongside new artist commissions as part of EVA’s Platform Commissions and Partnership Project initiatives.


#3 The second iteration of Em’kal Eyongakpa’s installation (Mámbáy bebhɛp 43t / besáŋ berat / bakay nɛkɔ) continues:

  • IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art), 31 July, 2022: Em’kal Eyongakpa’s installation titled Mámbáy bebhɛp 43t / besáŋ berat / bakay nɛkɔ, was commissioned through Encounters an EVA International & IMMA Partnership 2020 – 2022  for the 39th  EVA International.  This second iteration is currently installed on IMMA’s Formal Garden Terrace. An immersive sonic installation, it draws on the artist’s interests in the two-way relationship between oral culture and the natural environment. For this project recordings of lullabies, chants, laments, poems and folk songs have been gathered between Southeast Nigeria, Southern Cameroon and Ireland, as well as processions and intersessions between the Gulf of Guinea and Western Europe, with contributions from refugee settlements, displacement camps, and rural communities. For further information please click here.


#4 39th EVA International Publications Launch:

  • EVA Office and Archive, 1st Floor, 46-47 Catherine Street, Limerick city, 14 July at 5 pm
    IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art), Dublin, 23 July at 3pm
    The release of two new publications that mark the 39th EVA International (2020-2021) will take place at the EVA Office and Archive on 14 July, and at IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art) on Saturday 23 July. The launch event at IMMA is held in conjunction with the presentation of the co-commissioned work by Em’kal Eyongakpa Mámbáy bebhɛp 43t / besáŋ berat / bakay nɛkɔ, and a discussion between co-curators Rachael Gilbourne (IMMA), Janice Hough (IMMA) and Matt Packer (EVA International). For further information on the event at Limerick please click here, and for IMMA please click here. 


#5 More than the reverb, live performances:                                                                                                                                                     

  • IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art): A series of parallel events that are programmed in response to Em’kal Eyongakpa’s installation Mámbáy bebhɛp 43t / besáŋ berat / bakay nɛkɔ. The series gathers together poets, singers and storytellers to share and interweave lullabies, chants, laments, and folk songs, both ancient and contemporary. Co-programmed by guest curator Caimin Walsh, this event series is part of the EVA International & IMMA Partnership 2020–2022, IMMA Outdoors and the museum’s Late Nights programme for 2022. 23 June, 6.30pm event details here / 29 July, 6.30pm event details here.