Limerick, Ireland
bela, BOIL MROWIŃSKI. Image courtesy of the artist.

Live music programme—EVA + Féile Na Gréine: Siren Song (Antonina Nowacka, bela, & E The Artist)

31st August 2023

EVA partnered with Féile Na Gréine to celebrate the opening of the 40th EVA International with Siren Song – a curated music programme which featured individual performances by Guest Programme artists Antonina Nowacka and bela, and E The Artist.

Antonina Nowacka is a visual artist, vocalist and composer who lives in Warsaw (PL). Recent albums include Lamunan (2020) and Languoria (with Sofie Birch, 2022).

bela is a performance artist and musician who lives in Berlin (DE). Recent performances have been presented at public institutions, galleries and festivals including transmediale, Academy of Arts (DE), HOER Berlin (DE) and Unsound Festival, Kraków (PL).

E The Artist is an experience artist & curator who’s work not only looks into cultural phenomena, but redefines aspects entirely. As a DJ, he is no different with a rapid mixing style consisting of sounds from the US, UK, West Africa, South America & South East Asia aiming to capture the commonalities & conversations.

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