Limerick, Ireland
ikkibawiKrrr, Seaweed Story, 2022.
Cliodhna Timoney, In the Wee Hours, 2023.
Bea McMahon, Another Shot at Love, 2023.
Navine G. Dossos, The Grove, 2023.
OHO, Catalogue – The Šempas Family, Students’ Center Gallery in Belgrade, 1976; My-Musical Collective and Pidsoma Shelter, My-musical (We-Musical), 2022.
Natsuko Uchino Dwellings, 2023; Goshka Macuga, The Fable of the Wolf, the Polar Bear, the Reindeer and the Cosmonaut, 2018; Iza Tarasewicz, Boom, 2021.

Day Planner


Nicholas St, Limerick (no eircode available, opposite V94 WV67)


Saint Mary's Cathedral

Bridge St, Limerick, V94 E068

11am - 4pm

The Grove

11 Cecil St, Limerick, V94 Y322

9.30am - 4pm

The Commercial

46-47 Catherine St, Limerick, V94 T2V3.

12 - 11.30pm

Limerick City Gallery of Art

Pery Square, Limerick, V94 E67F

10 am – 5 pm