Limerick, Ireland

Crex-Crex Seed Discussion and Walk, led by Seoidín O’Sullivan

Event Details 
Venue: Meeting point at LCGA
Date: September 27, 1-3pm

Join Seoidín O’Sullivan at the Limerick City Gallery of Art for a discussion on her research project Crex crex, crex crex, crex… responding to the nearly extinct Corncrake bird. The artist has created a corncrake dollar and made drawings of corncrake stamps tracking migrations. The discussion will be followed by a seed collection walk along the canal to support farmers in establishing suitable habitat. The walk will finish at the University of Limerick. This event is free but booking is required here.

“The corncrakes close association with human agricultural communities particularly hay meadows and the tall vegetation along field boundaries means their preferred habitats are subject to threat both from agricultural intensification and from field abandonment” ‘The Corncrake, the Ecology of an Enigma’ Frank Rennie (2022, p33).

Crex crex, crex crex, crex…, 2023 is an iteration of research work commissioned by Ormston House, curated by Caimin Walsh.

Seoidín O’Sullivan is a socially and ecologically engaged artist, who lives in Dublin (IE). O’ Sullivan has recently been involved with a number of research projects with public arts institutions and galleries including Ormston House, Limerick (IE), with Solstice Arts Centre, Meath (IE), and with Common Ground and University College Dublin’s School of Geography, Dublin (IE).