Limerick, Ireland

Crespo Foundation: ArtNature/NatureArt Residency

We’re delighted to share details of a new artist-in-residence programme in West Cork, initiated and supported by the Crespo Foundation.

The funded residency programme – titled “ArtNature / NatureArt” – invites artistic collectives working in different disciplines to spend two to three months staying and working at Glenkeen Garden, a 30-hectare estate in Roaringwater Bay, West Cork. The residency seeks to support artists that are working at the interface between art and the natural sciences. For further information about the residency and the Crespo Foundation, please click here. For further details on the application process and eligibility criteria, please click here. Closing date for applications: 30 January 2022. 

The assesment panel for applications includes EVA’s Director Matt Packer, alongside Gerard Byrne (artist), Christian Fausch (Artistic Manager and Managing Director Ensemble Modern, Frankfurt), Dr. Brigitte Franzen (Curator and Director of the Senckenberg Natural History Museum, Frankfurt), Peter Kogler (Media Artist and Professor at Academy of Fine Arts, Munich), Daria Parkhomenko (Curator and Founder of LABORATORIA Art&Science Space, Moscow),  Prof. Christiane Riedel (Chairwoman of Crespo Foundation), Judith Schalansky (Writer, Book Designer and Editor), and Prof. Dr. Klement Tockner (Aquatic Ecologist, Director General of the Senckenberg Natural History, Frankfurt)