Limerick, Ireland
Poster #2, It’s not for you we did it. Image description: Black and white photograph of a group of girls dancing expressively as a group of boys in the background look on. The text “Make space with art” is connected with angled lines across the photograph. Photographic image, Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, Camerawork Derry.

Biennials in Times of COVID-19

Merve Elveren (Curator, Guest Programme, 39th EVA International) and Matt Packert (Director, EVA International) were interviewed by Christian Oxenius from the International Biennial Association (IBA) about the process and strategy of delivering the biennial during the ongoing pandemic.

The interview forms part of IBA’s online series of interviews with curators and biennial directors, titled ‘Biennials in Times of COVID-19’. The interview is accessible here via the IBA website.