Limerick, Ireland
e v+ a 2010 Catalogue Cover

e v+ a 2010 – matters

e v+ a – matters was curated by Elizabeth Hatz, a Swedish architect and academic who was at the time teaching at School of Architecture, University of Limerick.

In her introductory essay she explained her ideas behind the title ‘matters’: “whatever we construct or fabricate, whatever material we alter, it brings consequences that need to be managed and related to, often over a long time. Our relations to matter somehow reflect how we understand the world. […] Times of economic hardship are times we need art more than ever in order to challenge our minds, reflect on our condition, and open our senses. Therefore, e v+ a matters”. Hatz selected 55 artists to participate in the exhibition through an Open Call and Invited process.

A catalogue to accompany e v+ a – matters was designed and produced by Gandon editions, featuring a text by Curator Elizabeth Hatz and artist profile pages for all participating artists. ISBN: 978 0948037 788.

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