Limerick, Ireland
e v+ a 2009 Catalogue Cover

e v+ a 2009 – reading the city

Curated by Angelika Nollert and Yilmaz Dziewior, OPEN e v+ a 2009 – reading the city, “assembled an exhibition about ‘the multiple perceptions of urban space’, with Limerick as its stage set” [taken from Chairman Hugh Murray’s Foreword in the 2009 catalogue].

560 artists applied to OPEN e v+ a 2009, with 36 artists selected from fifteen countries. The curators considered the exhibition to be a portrait of the city’s histories and social functions, with the “venues … as signifiers of different aspects of Limerick’s past and present ” [taken from Angelika Nollert and Yilmaz Dziewior’s introduction to the 2009 catalogue].

Events included bus and walking tours of the exhibition, and the e v+ a Colloquies weekend at Limerick City Gallery of Art that consisted of a programme of informal sessions of open dialogue among e v+ a curators, invited guests, artists and audiences.