Limerick, Ireland
EV+A 1994 Catalogue Cover

EV+A 94

1994 was the first year of Invited EV+A – an exhibition of international and Irish artists selected by an Adjudicator. “By 1994, EV+A as an open submission exhibition, adjudicated by a single, outside curator, mounted in large, ideally constituted gallery spaces, and with the gain of two years experience in incorporating satellite venues had become an exhibition ready for a major leap forward. […] Serious consideration was given to a potential risk an invited section could offer to the Open EV+A exhibition, whose artists might suffer some disadvantage when put in close comparison to the work of highly profiled, internationally known artists. It also meant accepting greater professional and financial responsibilities and a great deal more work for all involved. But keeping the original ambition for EV+A in mind- that of bringing the best of contemporary art to the audiences in and around Limerick – the committee made the decision to offer an Invited EV+A along with Open EV+A, and aim at making Limerick an internationally known and respected centre for the celebration of contemporary art.” [taken from notes to the EV+A compendium the catalogue for the invited EV+A exhibitions of 1994, 1996, 1998].

The Adjudicator was Jan Hoet, who accepted the invitation rom EV+A committee members when approached in Kassel by members of the EV+A Committee during his Documenta IX of 1992. Open EV+A selected by Hoet presented the work of 42 Irish artists at Limerick City Gallery of Art, City Hall, Slattery’s Bar, Chris Doswells, and the window of AIB. In addition Invited EV+A presented the work of 17 international artists including one Irish artist, at indoor and outdoor spaces throughout Limerick.

Young EV+A included artist residencies for artists in schools and youth centres culminating in a Young EV+A exhibition at Belltable Arts Centre. Artists in the Gallery was also presented as a second stage to Young EV+A, where exhibiting artists were available in the gallery for a day for students to drop in and see them work and hear about their practice. Young EV+A further included colloquies/seminars by prominent critics, curators, and teachers. It was noted in the catalogue that by 1994 over 7,000 young people had been involved in Young EVA.