Limerick, Ireland


Charles Harper (Co-ordinator), Hugh Murray (Chairperson), Lorraine Wall (Secretary), Tony Rodgers (Treasurer), Paul M O’Reilly (Administrator), Paul Lynam, John Logan

Analog Devices, Aughinish Alumina Limited, Allied Irish Banks Limited, Allied Irish Finance Company Limited, Atari Ireland Limited, Bank of Ireland, Burlington Industries, Co-operation North, Cummins Framing Centre, David Allen Advertising, Elsevier Scientific Publishers Ireland Limited, Guinness Peat Aviation, Helene Modes, Howmedica International, Hydrocurve Limited, Luke Kiernan, M.P.S.I., Lombard & Ulster, James McMahon Limited, Murray Sweeney & Co. Solicitors, Neodata Limited, Radio Telefis Eireann, Regional Management Centre, Limerick, Reynolds Cooper McCarron, Dan Ryan Truck Rentals, Shannonside Oil Limited, Shannon Development Company, Tulia Electronics, Stoneyard Ltd., Limerick and Dublin, Verbatim Limited, Mid-West Branch Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland, Limerick Corporation, The Arts Council/An Comhairle Ealaion, The Arts Council of Northern Ireland, The Art Gallery Advisory Committee, Limerick, Co-operation North, Guinness Peat Aviation Ltd., Regional Management Centre, NIHE, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Limerick Corporation, Marian Fitzgibbon, Regional Arts Officer, Mechanics Institute, Limerick,Thomond College, Limerick, Mary Nagle, Peter Cutting, Dan Ryan Truck Rentals, Lacey, Droog, O’Donovan, Boland, David Allen, Billboards, R.T.E., Elsevier Scientific Publishers Ireland Limited, Reception