Limerick, Ireland

Exhibition of Visual Art 1979

In 1979 Sandy Nairne was appointed as the first international guest Adjudicator of EVA. Nairne, who was then the Assistant Keeper of the Modern Collection at the Tate Gallery, selected works from an open submission, selected prizewinners, and also hung the works.

“The exhibition is a personal selection. I have selected those works that were successful in their own terms: those, whether quiet or noisy, that had something to say. That something could be the mystery about an image, a notion about art, a view of the landscape, an excited emotion, a beautiful exposition of materials or a calm reflection. In some cases I have chosen works that have a ‘charisma’ or show zest, but may appear to lack professional finish. Indeed, there are a number of works that may appear deliberately ‘awkward’ and certainly fit within no acknowledged contemporary styles. For me, the spirit of the work is more important than its style” [taken from Sandy Nairne’s introduction to the 1979 catalogue.]