Limerick, Ireland
Yang Jiechang, Eurasia, 2007, mixed media installation with 2 video projections, dimensions variable

Yang Jiechang

b. 1956, China

Eurasia is the land I experience everyday in my life. I am from Canton, China; my wife is German, our children are Eurasian. We have lived in Paris since 1988. At home we speak German, French, Chinese and English. My friends know our way of life is open, mobile. We feel this land, this kind of disposition and lifestyle carry a lot of possibilities and power in it, possibilities to develop not only in Eurasia itself, but also in the Americas and elsewhere. We feel these possibilities and this kind of power are growing day-by-day.

Similarly, from a political, economic and cultural perspective, using and developing the idea of Eurasia is very promising, especially now at a time when we are facing the irresistible and growing influence of American imperialism anew, and when the clash of Eastern and Western cultures is being articulated on an ideological/religious level. Eurasia is a land and an idea that transcends religious positions, races and discrimination. Eurasia is a huge beautiful and rich land full of history. We chose the technique of meticulous colour painting for the work as it is beautiful, exquisite, deep, traditional and needs a long time to become realised, like the land, Eurasia.

(Text: too early for vacation catalogue, 2008)

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