Limerick, Ireland
Xijing Men, Do You Know Xijing, 2007, installation

Xijing Men (Chen Shaoxiong, Gimhongsok, Tsuyoshi Ozawa)


In Asia, the main northern city, Beijing, and the main southern city, Nanjing, are in China, while the main eastern city, Tokyo, is in Japan. However, a main western city, Xijing, does not exist. It is to be said that Xijing is a city for artists and for people who love art. The city cannot be found on a map, and only a few people have ever been there. Even though, somehow, paintings, films or prints, which might have been made in this city, seem to exist.

This is a project in which we three artists will introduce this mysterious city of Xijing, with a presentation full of our humour. It will consist of five projects in the long term, and eventually the whole story of this city will be revealed through these projects.

(Text: too early for vacation catalogue, 2008)

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