Limerick, Ireland
Valérie Kolakis, Almost Familiar Place, 1999 – (ongoing project), installation, vaseline on windows, dimensions variable

Valérie Kolakis

b. 1966, Greece

The theme that forms the basis of my work derives from and propagates the absenting psychologies of trauma – specifically, disenfranchised comprehension as traumatic absence. In this notion, trauma seems redolent; cognition is searching restlessly for an endless absented referent. This restless searching implies a repetitiveness. Searching is framed by anxiety and collapsed into waiting. Between these intervals, time emerges as the flux of anxiety and the site of displacement. I research how the transparency of building materials, spatial penetration and the ubiquitous flow of air and light instilled in the urban space and the transitory conditions of the buildings that constitute it creates a transgression of architectural form.

(Text: e v+ a – matters catalogue, 2010)

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