Limerick, Ireland
Tia Schmidt, Weave (I-VI), 2010, installation of three ensemble pieces and on solo piece, carpet off-cuts, marker, table-tennis ball, dimensions variable

Tia Schmidt

b. 1966, Germany

Most of my recent work revolves around my personal notions of fragmented narration of the everyday, creating multi-layered clusters of meaning. Intuition and the concept of play are an integral part of my practice, always including abstraction as a way of reflecting on conditions and ideas.

The installation Weave (I-IV) is concerned with the relationship between space and the domestic. The ongoing Irish crush on carpeting homes, offices and public spaces was the starting point of an investigation into material, colour and movement. For this I used carpet off-cuts from newly renovated buildings in Limerick to counteract the infinite uniformity of the Istabraq Hall floor.

The drawings are interventions in the mundane, machine-made character of the material. They were inspired by the structure or the pattern of the carpet itself or by its surroundings. Within the ensembles, they invite the viewer into the poetry of noticing.

(Text: e v+ a – matters catalogue, 2010)

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