Limerick, Ireland
Terry Markey, Broken Icarus, 2007, wood installation with video, dimensions variable

Terry Markey

b. 1980, England

Cultural explorations through self-reflection, working in live art and construction, the documented actions taken and presented are framed by large found wood and object constructions, taking elements of life, fashion, language and using them as a base to create studies in documented live action. Combined with site-specific assemblage sculptures with a heavy emphasis on process, the documented actions form a pathway through a dark and questioning atmosphere created around the work. Role and identity and the assumption of position in society bring the purpose of interaction to the fore, positioning the viewer in a detached and voyeuristic viewpoint.

Broken Icarus uses the mythological figure of Icarus as a symbol to reference the disenfranchised young male. The reparative action of the self lift displays a readiness and preparation, as if to take a feat of impossible action and defy the constraints placed on the individual by physics or society. On the side, we find the broken and displaced flailing figure spinning wildly after an inevitable predestined failure. This figure is surrounded by the heavy found wood sculpture which seems to float in a position almost defying gravity, allowing the viewer to accept the notion of unaided human flight for the slightest of moments, to accept the possibility of achievement in the impossible.

In Construed Action we are introduced to the artist in process, purposely and frantically smashing and reclaiming material which will be used to create a work. The placed material surrounding the video allows the viewer into the actuality of production, showing the importance of preparation in the work. Entering a state of violence and manic repetition, we see the individual in a raw and unconscious state of work.

(Text: too early for vacation catalogue, 2008)

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