Limerick, Ireland
Taro Shinoda, Telephone Line (Moon), 2007 - 2008, 3-screen video projection, 45 minutes

Taro Shinoda

b. 1964, Japan

Lunar Reflection Transmission Technique

It’s not a bad place here,
but with the entire land covered in asphalt and riding my bicycle while avoiding all the electrical currents and electro-pulses,
I yearn for the flowing of water and the drifting of the clouds. These days I am working on reviving my old skills, of the lunar reflection transmission technique.
Every night when the moon is out
I bicycle outside and spend many hours
and try to remember what that technique was.
I’ve spent many nights attempting it,
but have a long way to go
until I can use the technique like I used to be able to.
Like how not everything you see is as it seems,
your intuition can’t tell you all you need to know.
And how the concept of ‘American Civilization’
seems to be integrating everything as we know it,
there seems to be something above that which exists as fact. Even if our future comes up from behind us,
and even if we aren’t used to walking backwards,
as adults I feel it is imperative to learn those techniques.

(Text: too early for vacation catalogue, 2008)

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