Limerick, Ireland
Tara Whelan, Eat limerick, 2010, environment installation, growing edible plants, signage, website

Tara Whelan

b. 1983, Ireland

Richard Wentworth has said that ‘a city denies weather’. It also, in a bigger way, denies the seasons. We have forgotten what a bizarre thing it is to eat a strawberry on any day of the year we wish. Limerick is an unusually green city, full of lawns, scrubby wasteland and grassy patches. It seems right to turn some small piece of this land over to productive use; a little part of our parks can nourish us and hint at their historical roots as commonage. Whoever wants to can take charge of a small patch and provide delicious things of their choosing to strangers and passersby. People can walk through the city, nibbling and foraging as they go, like a peckish flâneur. We can eat the city.

(Text: e v+ a – matters catalogue, 2010)

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