Limerick, Ireland
SpiritStore, Catherine Street Culture Dig, 2010, social practice



The CatDig is a cultural exploration of Catherine Street, one of Limerick’s oldest streets. In linking traders, artists, butchers, bakers and wine shops, CatDig’s Packet and Tripe event served a traditional Limerick dish reminiscent of the lost days of Pigtown. The Packet and Tripe event featured Mike Finn (playwright), the women of St Mary’s Park Senior Citizens’ Club and the 55 Townhouse Social Club, who offered readings and video testimonies.

The SpiritStore then presented the CatDig weekend, a collective art event based on links between the street’s traders and creative practitioners. The weekend featured successful submissions to the SpiritStore’s ‘assembled programme’, which opened the street as a collaborative art space during from 7th-9th May. The ‘assembled programme’ included street cinema, a theatre workshop, sound art, street performance and a mini-literary festival.

(Text: e v+ a – matters catalogue, 2010)

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