Limerick, Ireland

Seoidín O’Sullivan

Crex crex, crex crex, crex…, 2023

An installation that formed part of an ongoing research project Crex crex, crex crex, crex…, that studies the history and legacy of the corncrake, a migratory bird that has almost disappeared from the island of Ireland. The installation consisted of drawings made from historical postal stamps featuring the corncrake, as well as seed deposit containers, and “corncrake dollar” coins.

Seoidin O’Sullivan is a socially and ecologically engaged artist, who lives in Dublin (IE). O’ Sullivan has recently been involved with a number of research projects with public arts institutions and galleries including Ormston House, Limerick (IE), with Solstice Arts Centre, Meath (IE), and with Common Ground and University College Dublin’s School of Geography, Dublin (IE).

An iteration of research work commissioned by Ormston House, curated by Caimin Walsh.

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