Limerick, Ireland

Rory Pilgrim

The Undercurrent, 2019, RAFTS, 2022

Two films that explored how the climate crisis relates to social support structures in everyday life. The Undercurrent was made with climate activists from Boise, Idaho in the USA, exploring how climate change interconnects with other aspects of their lives including family, religion, friendship, and the fight for gender equality. RAFTS was narrativized by eight residents Barking and Dagenham, UK, who reflect on the idea of a ‘raft’ – the simplest and most fragile vehicle of survival on open water – to respond to the broader question of what supports us and keeps us afloat?

Rory Pilgrim is a visual artist and musician who lives in Leiden (NL). Pilgrim has presented work at public arts institutions and galleries including the Serpentine Galleries, London (UK), WAMx, Turku City Museum, Turku (FI) and Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR).

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