Limerick, Ireland
Raúl Ortega Ayala, Nocturne, 2002, mixed media installation, 100 x 120 x 85 cm

Raúl Ortega Ayala

b. 1973, Mexico

The result of my work is normally a group of pieces derived from the experience and exploration of a context and the materials that are part of it. The sequence of images presented here is part of a recent series called Bureaucratic Sonata, which focuses on the working context. After working in an office I did a group of works done exclusively with office materials. They are driven by issues such as idleness, boredom, limitations, etc, which are constantly present in this context. By experiencing a different context each time, and working in series with the materials found in it, I try to reflect on how we relate in and with the world.

(Text: on the border of each other catalogue, 2003)

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