Limerick, Ireland

Phillip McCrilly

wet heat, sweats without scent, 2023

A performance event that took the form of a massage conducted by an actress and professionally trained masseuse, at No.1 Pery Square Hotel & Spa on 13 & 14 October 2023. Employing a narrative script, touch techniques, and embodied experience, the work abstractly drew from the artist’s personal experience of growing up in the shadow of sectarian tensions in the North of Ireland. The work more generally responded to questions of how bodies carry memory of events, both personal and political? How those memories can ever become shared and retold?

Phillip McCrilly is an artist and chef who lives in Belfast (NI). McCrilly has presented work at public arts institutions and galleries including the Centre for Contemporary Art, Derry-Londonderry (NI), Catalyst Arts, Belfast (NI) and the Project Arts Centre, Dublin (IE).

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