Limerick, Ireland

Peter Nadin & Natsuko Uchino & Aimée Toledano

The First Mark, 2008.

A film that documented farm labour as a meditation on an artist’s social role, and the cross-pollination of agriculture, poetry and art and as a way of experiencing the landscape. The work reflected the life story of Peter Nadin – one of the artists credited with co-producing the film –  who devoted himself to farming and animal husbandry, trying to “unlearn how to make art.”

Peter Nadin is an artist, poet and farmer who lives in New York (US). Natsuko Uchino is a visual artist, gardener and craftswoman who lives in Belvézet (FR). Aimée Toledano is a filmmaker and photographer who lives in New Orleans (US). “The First Mark” by Nadin, Uchino and Toledano was screened at Serpentine Gallery, London (UK), Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (PL), Vdrome (online cinema).

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