Limerick, Ireland
Peter Märkli, Sketches, 2010, installation, 60 A4 sketches

Peter Märkli

b. 1953, Switzerland

Thinking about the words he likes to use in the studio, such as körper (body), bewegung (movement) and seele (spirit), I feel that for Märkli architecture is a living thing imbued with a spirit, to design is to listen to its voice, sense its breathing, and give form to those things. Among the things that I saw in Märkli’s studio, firstly there were small sketches. Slightly different building patterns are drawn repeatedly with fat pencils and coloured pencils. Sometimes violent, sometimes careful, they are cheerful and colourful. They show the enthusiasm found in drawings by a child who can’t stop scribbling. Drawn on A4 paper or tracing paper cut to A4 size, they are arranged in this format, carefully put into corrugated cardboard document boxes and stored on shelves. 

— Momoyo Kaijima

(Text: e v+ a – matters catalogue, 2010)

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