Limerick, Ireland
Paula Roush, corporeal bank: the b*loan project, 2006, microloans for women, interactive project, posters, web-site, installation, courtesy the artist

Paula Roush

b. 1967, Portugal

msdm, set up by Paula Roush, is a research practice dedicated to mobile strategies of display and mediation. msdm projects explores media in context, including electronic tagging, locative media, games, bots, radio fm, para-architecture and urban screens, with an attention to collaborative experiments in free culture, and open source.

The b*loan project – I have my bodyweight in € to give away as my ev+a artwork. Nominate yourself for a loan and explain how you intend to use the money. I will assess this according to the generosity of the proposal. Apply in person at Limerick City Gallery of Art from March 10, and visit the blog:

(Text: give(a)way catalogue, 2006)

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