Limerick, Ireland


Red Snow, 1969, OHO – Summer Projects, 1970, Fulya Quanso, 1967

Photographs, diagrams and video documentations focused on the last phase of OHO’s existence: poetic actions taking place in nature, using readily available materials. Soon after these works were produced, members of the group settled on an abandoned farm in the western part of Slovenia and started a community – the Šempas Family.

OHO was a conceptual and land art collective active in 1966-1971 based out of Ljubljana (SI). OHO has presented work at public arts institutions and galleries including Museum of Contemporary Art, Ljubljana (SI), the Venice Biennale, Venice (IT), and the Museum of Modern Art, New York (US).

Courtesy of Moderna galerija, Ljubljana and the Marinko Sudac Collection.

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