Limerick, Ireland
Napoles Marty, Transhumants VIII, 2017, charcoal, chalk, pastel, graphite, acrylic on paper, 198.5 x 152 cm, courtesy the artist

Napoles Marty

Cuba, b. 1982

Marty’s creative process is based on research into figurative space and the human condition, expressed through organic and geometric relationships. The body, which is always presented as fragmented, is central to the work and enters into a sort of conversation with the surrounding space, as both container and constitutive part of the work. Often the space opens up and becomes more atmospheric; it dissolves the shapes to become a constituent part of them. Transhumants VIII (2017) questions Marty’s own displacement as a migrant within different places, and starts from a more personal approach to one that is based on the collective. In the work he reflects on the idea that contemporary society continues to shift and adapt, always in search of change. The imagery of beheaded figures, each carrying his or her own head, represents the struggles and violence that individuals and societies go through as a result of these shifting changes.

Napoles Marty lives and works between Madrid and Havana. His work includes sculpture, drawing, and installation. Solo exhibitions include: Deconstruction / Restructuring at the 12th Havana Biennial, Cuba (2015). Selected group shows include: Ciudad autónoma de Melilla, Museo Casa Ibánez, Melilla, Spain; International Biennial of Contemporary Emerging Art Eve-Maria Zimmermann, Canary Islands, Spain; and International Exhibition of Fine Arts. Ciudad Real, Spain (2016).

(Text: 38th EVA International catalogue)


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