Limerick, Ireland

Minna Henriksson

Minna Henriksson presented Kiila / The Wedge, Feminist Archive (2019/2021) a project that explores an artists’ and writers’ association in Finland, which traces connections between socialism and feminism in the collective organising of artists and cultural workers. The presentation included recorded discussions with active members of the association on topics derived from close readings of texts by early members.

Minna Henriksson’s participation formed part of Little did they know, the Guest Programme of the 39th EVA International, curated by Merve Elveren.


Minna Henriksson is a visual artist living in Helsinki who works with a disparate range of tools including text, drawing, linocut, and photography. She studied art in Brighton, Helsinki, and Malmö. Henriksson’s work is often collaborative, and relates to anti-racist, leftist, and feminist struggles. In recent years her work has dealt with archives and histories. Henriksson’s work is research based and engages with covert political processes that appear to be neutral. In 2017 Henriksson was awarded with the Anni and Heinrich Sussmann Award of artistic work committed to the ideal of democracy and antifascism.

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