Limerick, Ireland
Marie-Josephe Lahaye, Ballerina I, 2002, oil on cotton, 62 x 51 cm

Marie-Josephe Lahaye


The shoe. I can hardly ever resist the desire to buy a pair. In the images created the shoes are placed on a white background and appear to be suspended. They are presented as beautiful objects, abstracted from their reality. They relate to the display, as in a shoe shop or a magazine, presented to the viewer as a desirable object to own for their beauty alone or the status they may carry or their potential erotic value, rather than their practical use as footwear. I am interested in the symbolic value of the shoe in the feminine psyche, especially that of eroticism, desire, and, ultimately, sexuality in the interplay between female and male attraction, seduction, subjugation.

(Text: on the border of each other catalogue, 2003)

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