Limerick, Ireland
Maria McKinney, Elements of the Supermodern IV, 2009, installation, shopping basket and fishing gut, 28 x 48 x 60 cm

Maria McKinney

b. 1982, Ireland

My practice is largely concerned with ideas of escapism and subjects of boredom. The objects and materials I employ are often products or tools of mass consumption, and are globally familiar. I consider the physicality of the chosen items as well as their habitual use or purpose. The attempt is then to draw out or create an underlying significance through a predetermined and systematic process of intervention. This resulting consequence is an engrossing enquiry into the abundance of time we have on our hands, and how we choose to fill it with distraction and recreation. As an outcome, my work has a methodical and often compulsive character while visually it examines the traditional codes of space and perception, inviting query into the everyday. I draw influence from conceptual and folk art.

(Text: e v+ a – matters catalogue, 2010)

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