Limerick, Ireland
Latifa Echakhch, Fantasia, 2007, 11 flagpoles, dimensions variable

Latifa Echakhch

b. 1974, Morocco

With a subtle, peaceful sensibility, Latifa Echakhch develops artistic and intellectual projects that evoke a powerful engagement with the reality of post-colonialism and globalisation. She analyses socio-political events and geopolitical climates from singular and radically personal angles, transforming the slightest object, image or everyday situation into a subject of thoroughgoing sociological debate. Her approach to major issues is often discreet and precise, maintaining the distance and space needed for critical study. In the play between the visible and the invisible, full and empty, she weaves an inseparable link between art and reality. The interest of her work makes her one of the most promising figures in the new generation of artists working in France and Europe today.

— Hou Hanru Wherever We Go, exhibition catalogue, 2007

(Text: too early for vacation catalogue, 2008)

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