Limerick, Ireland
Kaspar Aus, Lost Space, 2010, video installation, continuous loop

Kasper Aus

b. 1985, Estonia

Imagine the space that has lost its meaning among us. Nobody remembers it. It is something that hides itself in your house walls and deep inside human souls. It is the space with a man inside a man. Who knows how many more men there are? The installation creates visual fields of movement for the spectator that stand in constant and specifically considered relation to each other, creating an engaging visual landscape for the visitors to explore. Both videos in the installation were captured in the Culture Factory rooms in Tallinn. Inspired by its green colour and emptiness, the Culture Factory rooms led me to creatively feed off the space, physically improvising whilst capturing the resulting movements on camera.

The audience’s movement itself determines the information available to them, and becomes an integral aspect of the work – movement in relation to each other, in relation to the movement in perception, a thick network of meaning and sensory feedback, poised to open fields of relations, to open potential spaces and disclosing poetic spaces ‘in between things’ and ‘in between movement’ that have been long lost.

(Text: e v+ a – matters catalogue, 2010)

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