Limerick, Ireland
John Gerrard, Grow Finish Unit, 2008, installation, realtime 3D, corian structure, LCD panel, PC

John Gerrard

b. 1974, Ireland

Grow Finish Unit (near Elkhart, Kansas), 2008, is an intricately detailed virtual representation of a large pig production facility in the Great Southern Plains region of the United States. A viewer-controlled camera permits oversight by the work’s audience. Circling the scene at their command, it surveys vast lakes of excrement sparkling in the sun, while squat computer-controlled silos relentlessly pump nitrogen-derived corn feed. The ‘finish’ in the title is represented by a six-to-eight month orbit of exchange in the work – a fleet of trucks will arrive at a designated but unscripted point to silently remove and replace the occupants. As in life, a blazing sun relentlessly circles in a twelve-month orbit of its own.

(Text: e v+ a – matters catalogue, 2010)

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