Limerick, Ireland

Jasmina Cibic

Jasmina Cibic presented State of Illusion (2018) a video which explores the fragility of nation-building and its agendas, as it features an illusionist and three henchmen using parts of the pavilion’s replica, to make the illusionist disappear. The work exposes a culture of soft power, aimed to deliver populist spectacle and international projection. Cibic’s work Political Decadence (2021) was exhibited alongside, responding to the current climate and idea of spectacle politics.

Jasmina Cibic’s participation formed part of Little did they know, the Guest Programme of the 39th EVA International, curated by Merve Elveren.


Jasmina Cibic is a London based artist who works in performance, installation, and film. Cibic employs a range of activity, media, and theatrical tactics to redefine or reconsider specific ideological formation and its framing devices such as art and architecture. Cibic’s project For Our Economy and Culture represented Slovenia at the 55th Venice Biennial (2013). Her solo shows include CCA Glasgow; Phi Foundation, Montreal; Aarhus 2017, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, MGLC Ljubljana, and Ludwig Museum, Budapest. Cibic’s group exhibitions include Steirischer Herbst ‘19, MoMA NY, MUMA Monash Museum, CCS BARD, Guangdong Museum of Art China, Pera Museum Istanbul, MSUM Ljubljana, MNHA Luxembourg. Cibic’s films have been screened at Whitechapel Gallery, CCA Montreal, Pula Film Festival, HKW Berlin, Louvre, Les Rencontres Internationales Paris, Dokfest Kassel, and Copenhagen International Documentary Festival. Cibic has been shortlisted for the Jarman Award (2018) and was the winner of the MAC International Ulster Bank (2016), and Charlottenborg Fonden awards (2016). Her upcoming solo shows include MSUM Ljubljana, macLyon, Muzeum Sztuki Łódź, and Museum der Moderne Salzburg.


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