Limerick, Ireland
Jacob Maendel, Untitled, 2009, drawing, graphite on vellum, paper and tape, 42 x 53 cm

Jacob Maendel

b. 1973, USA

Up to now I have made drawings and sculpture in an effort to explore dynamic possibilities in three-dimensional space. My interest is in using hard mediums to make physical indications of 3-D space, thus providing opportunities for actual experience and multiple viewpoint analysis through the location of linear and/or planar indicators at given coordinates within the 3-D grid. Drawing becomes a base from which to simultaneously describe interior and exterior space.

In the case of the work at e v+ a, the process began in a cross-sectional 2-D study. Coordinates were next transferred from the study to a 3-D cardboard model. The result is a full-scale two-part division of space, allowing for access to and investigation of both interior and exterior.

The two wall pieces form dual, contrasting spatial intrusions which maximise impact within the range of human scale. Bent steel divides the space without fully dominating as a form or entity in itself. Pushed from either side, it establishes a dichotomy between opposing areas of palpable space.

(Text: e v+ a – matters catalogue, 2010)

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