Limerick, Ireland
Ian Kiaer, Endless House Project Limerick, 2007, mixed media installation, dimensions variable

Ian Kiaer

b. 1971, England

I visited Limerick City Museum and then a Polish shop a few doors down on the same street. The museum consisted of two relatively small rooms full of documents, maps, flags and religious imagery, and other fragments relating to some aspect of the city’s past. Alongside an account of the Limerick Soviet and its struggle to set up an alternative to British rule, were some very delicate designs for ecclesiastical lace patterns. Different endeavours, whether political or lyrical, cross over in unexpected ways and bring to mind how, in more formal spaces, such possibility for surprise can easily be lost. It took a while in the Polish shop to convey I spoke only English. It revealed the extent to which it remains distinct from the city. I enjoyed the displays of different packaging, presenting a different kind of nostalgia. I bought a magazine with television listings.

(Text: too early for vacation catalogue, 2008)

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