Limerick, Ireland
Hans Josephsohn, Untitled, 1970 - 1997, relief sketches, up to 26 cm height

Hans Josephsohn

b. 1920, Germany

The work of the Swiss sculptor Hans Josephsohn consists of innumerable attempts to formulate an answer to the question of the conditions of existence as a human being. Within the classical genre of sculpture, Josephsohn has achieved a language of forms of a high level of abstraction, which is produced through the attempt to represent a subjectively and yet generally formulated image of human being. The more succinctly the facial features and physical details are presented, the more general the perspective on individuals becomes, although it, nevertheless, never loses the immediacy that is characteristic for Josephsohn. With their nearly amorphous brute nature, the sculptures provide a subtle perception of the fragility of human existence that always remain quite abrupt and sensually comprehensible.

— Ulrich Meinherz

(Text: e v+ a – matters catalogue, 2010)

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