Limerick, Ireland

Freefilmers (presented by Asia Tsisar)

[Vasyl Lyah] Metawork, 2021, [Sashko Protyah and Oksana Kazmina]  Revitalization of Space, 2018, [Sashko Protyah] My Favorite Job, 2022.

A set of films that explored urban transformation in East Ukraine as a consequence of the full-scale invasion of Russian forces in Ukraine and the destruction of Mariupol.

Freefilmers are a collective of filmmakers and artists, a network of solidarity against imperialist aggression, originally from Mariupol (UA). Previous screenings of their work have taken place at Filma, Feminist Film Festival (UA/online), MOCA Toronto (CA), and Gwangju Biennale (KR).


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