Limerick, Ireland
Fiona Ginnell, Private Information, laminated colour photographs, each 30 x 42 cm

Fiona Ginnell

b.1966, Ireland

Private Information consists of a series of photographic works of sculptural objects. The images are of plaster casts, made over a two-year period, involving direct casting into latex condoms. Visually, I want to explore a discourse on male sexuality from the viewpoint of a ‘post feminist’ female viewer.

A friend getting married gave me his last box of condoms. These became the containers I would cast into in place of direct casting of the male body. Casting in the condom produced an image of the internal space of the latex form, an idealised solid shape related to the male body.

Contradictions occur. The condoms didn’t produce a shape like a penis, but rather a breast- like sensual form. The tip of the condom produces a nipple-like structure. Corporeal female forms are evoked from a container for the male form/genitalia.

I was using photography as a means of recording the process. Latex being an ephemeral medium provided many visual changes. The condom, barely recognisable from its original form and use, has become an ‘iconic’ art object in 3D, documented and rejuvenated in 2D. Lamination of these images makes them appear tacky, glossy, and yet sensual. Their appearance evokes the rich supersaturated colours inherent in porn magazines. I want to create images which stir up fantasies and erotic emotions in the viewer.

(Text: EV+A 2001 – Expanded, catalogue)

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