Limerick, Ireland

Eimear Walshe

The Land Question: Where the fuck am I supposed to have sex? is an artist talk in video format. It presents a brief history of land contestation in Ireland, and questions how the history of land relations persistently impacts our most intimate thoughts, aspirations, and interactions. The research presented in this video serves as a primer for video works to be presented by the artist in phase 2 and 3 of the biennial programme. The Land Question includes a soundtrack by The DOE (Department of Energy), featuring Ian Lynch. Click here to view The Land Question online.

Alongside the video work is a temporary billboard work, How much no thanks, installed on John Street, Limerick (21st September – 4th October), drawing on a series of images by the artist addressing the relationship between housing, sexuality and Irish colonial history.

A Platform Commission for the 39th EVA International.

Eimear Walshe is an artist, writer, and educator that uses academic study in Queer Theory and Feminist Epistemology in the production of sculpture, publishing, performances, and lectures. Walshe lives and works in Longford. Recent projects and presentations include The Department of Sexual Revolution Studies, Van Abbemuseum / Design Academy Eindhoven (2018); Miraculous Thirst: How to get off in days of deprivation, curated by Daniel Bermingham, Galway Arts Centre (2018); and Separatist Tendencies for The Deviant Programme, Van Abbemuseum (2017).

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